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Engraved single-colour vases

Single-colour-engraved Murano glass vases.


The collection of single-colour engraved vases is a tribute to the colour of Murano glass and to the traditional engraving techniques that, at the beginning of the 20th century, met and evolved the concept of design understood as an aesthetic reinterpretation that gives greater value and beauty to an everyday object, first and foremost the Vases.


The decision to create a line of single-colour and engraved Vases also responds to the need to enhance the uniqueness of a cultural heritage that is increasingly at risk.


Engraving and grinding are traditional techniques that are less in vogue than blowing or lampworking but absolutely fundamental in the production chain and in the characterisation of a Murano glass vase.

Single-colour to highlight the purity and essence of the colour that, in Murano glass, is given by the addition of a mineral: iron for green, cobalt for blue, colloidal gold or copper for red, tin for milky glass, etc..


The Panizzi Murano company, historically renowned for its engraving, beating and grinding works, which it has been producing for more than half a century for world-famous artists and designers, presents its Vases where experience, the manual skill of its master glassmakers, the study of the product, beauty and quality come together to create timeless works.


Each Vase is a work of art in certified Vetro Artistico® Murano glass, testimony to Venetian craftsmanship handed down through three generations.

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